Buckeye Color & Chemical L.L.C. was founded in January of 1990 by Lynn Bente, a pioneer in the coloring of plastics. This year we are celebrating our eighteenth anniversary.

We began as an importer of a specialized product from the Soviet Union called TR-354 Channel Black. At the time, Channel Black was primarily used in disposable food packaging and automobile tires. Domestic production of Channel Black had been halted in 1972 due to environmental concerns. Then suppliers from Indonesia were located, followed by manufacturers in the Soviet Union.

As we built international relationships our business progressed and expanded to two Russian plants, with packaging done in Hungary and warehousing in the United States. As time passed the Soviet Union collapsed into many different countries each having different approaches to international trade.

In the ‘90s Buckeye was selected to be the marketing avenue of Steiner S.A.S. Steiner S.A.S is a small water based dye manufacturer located outside of Paris, France. Production of specialty dyes for the ink jet markets have been developed here and Buckeye markets these exclusively in North America and Europe.

As demand grew, so did Buckeye Color. During January 2000 Buckeye moved into our new offices in Dover, Ohio.  We expanded both in product range and manpower. ISO certification was achieved in 2004.

Today, with production coming from the Steiner S.A.S. plant, along with plants in China, Russia and India, Buckeye Color & Chemical is able to offer a full palette of colorants for a wide variety of applications including medical, food containers, automotive, construction, commercial packaging and many others. Wherever you go, you’re likely to see Buckeye Color & Chemical products.

With our offices and lab facilities in Dover, Ohio along, with warehouses in Dover, Buckeye Color & Chemical Co. is poised to provide colorants throughout all of North America and Europe. Today Buckeye is one of the largest suppliers of a wide array dyes and pigments to end users around the world.

And we still offer Channel Black, the product we started with!

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